Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Awesome Birthday Present

This past week has been really amazing. It started with a fun P-day where we got to go to the church and have a Nerf war with some of the kids in the community/church and some other missionaries. It was tons of fun to set up some crazy forts and play capture the flag with Nerf stuff :).

Then, we had my birthday. It was really good because we got a new investigator! She used to work with the elders a little while ago, but now she is working with us and it is really nice. Both because she really does want to find the truth, and because we now have someone to teach about the restored Gospel. I am just so grateful the Lord has blessed us this week to begin making some new progress in this area :).

Another fun experience on my birthday was when Sister Danner and I came in to do our nightly planning session and as soon as we put down our bags we heard a knock at the door. We were a bit confused since we don't usually have people knocking on our door (it's ironic cause that is something we missionaries do a lot haha). But, we opened it, and to our surprise we found our district standing there holding a cake out to us while singing happy birthday! It was so fun to get surprised like that and so sweet of them to do that!

Later in the week we had another fun experience helping a less active member in our ward decorate cookies for a fall fair bake-sale. It was fun to get to know her and help her out with decorating pumpkin cookies. We get to go back this next week and help her decorate trees, too! This really is a great ward.

I hope everyone's week went well.

Love, Sister Tyler

Sister Tyler and Sister Danner

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