Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My first week in the Maine trap!

Sister Spangler and I doing
 weekly planning at the church
 (we found some blankets because
 it was soooo colddddd) 

So this is what Maine is like, the Atlantic Ocean on my right, and a small town/village on my left. Haha  It has been so fun getting to know this area after a crazy change of transfer plans! On Monday night we are settling down for bed because we got a call from the assistants earlier in the day that transfer meeting would be postponed until Wednesday because the new missionaries had their flight delayed. So, we weren't stressed about being packed by that night since we had an extra day. But then, at 10pm, our Zone leaders gave us a call and gave us our new travel plans. Apparently we needed to now drop off Sister Daughety with the Manchester Sister at 5:30AM Tuesday morning and be at the church at 5:45AM so we could ride in “Moose” (a big mission-owned van) to our new area! o.O  So, we were a bit sad when we realized we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone we wanted to, but we were all excited to get to our new areas and have an adventurous morning.

That is when I got to Sanford, Maine, and was greeted by my new companion Sister Spangler (who is so amazing)! We are having a great time being Sister Training Leaders together, especially when this is only her second transfer as an STL and she is still learning what we do as STLs :). Besides that the area has been fun getting to know.

A really cool old mill
 (a member lives here)
A cool tracting story from this week is we were just inviting some people to learn when one man opened his door and we invited him to learn, but then he proceeded to explain to us why our church was wrong and his church was right. It was mostly a lot of anti that Satan has gotten him with because he kept saying that he found different sources on the internet that say this and that. We did our best not to get upset or try to correct him because that never works. So, instead we testified our hearts out and explained what we know to be true because we've prayed and found it all out for ourselves. By the end of the conversation we were all friends, he showed us some lyrics to a Christian song he wrote, and we gave him a “Because He Lives” card and he said he'd check it out. The Lord works through love, not anger, I've definitely gained a testimony of that this week.

The work is amazing!

~Sister Tyler