Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Last Week in the Amazing Area of Bedford!

My collection of photos over time
in my mission (especially Bedford)
I finally got the news that I am being transferred. It is so bittersweet because I'm excited to go new places and experience new things, but I really love the people here. I know I will come back to visit someday :)

With it being my last week, we really had a good and productive time. There were a couple of days we had to take it easy because some of us weren't feeling well, but overall we did a lot.

We started the week with Zone meeting where we got to do a funny skit/role play of how NOT to do steps 10 and 11 in weekly planning (because a lot of missionaries are just brushing over those steps when they are really important: #10: Set goals and make plans to find new investigators. And #11: Plan how to work with the ward council). So, we knew in advance we were doing it and brought some supplies, but we didn't want to plan in advance so it was funnier. We had Sister Duncan and I focusing on the steps just by reading the first line and then saying random things like "maybe we could get five new investigators, I don't know how, but faith will make it work out, right?" and in the background Sister Daughety was jokingly not paying attention by making a paper football and launching it and making a touchdown sign with her arms! =D Everyone was laughing, but when the zone leaders asked (after the skit) if that is sometimes how it actually goes during weekly planning a lot of people said yes. So, with all the fun, we've really learned new ways to better work with members through our own planning and efforts.

Sisters Daughety, Duncan, Tyler
Later in the week we found a new investigator and a potential new investigator family! We were driving to go and contact a potential named Dwayne when I felt like we should quickly stop by and invite a former investigator that lived by where we were driving. So we parked near the house and knocked on the door. No one answered, but as we started to walk away she pulled up in the driveway! We helped her bring some groceries in and she invited us in to talk about some questions she had about the Plan of Salvation. It was truly an amazing experience, and by the time we finished our lesson with her we didn't have time to visit Dwayne, but the feeling we had the night before to visit Dwayne may have just been Heavenly Father guiding us to a certain spot so He could see if we would listen to a spiritual prompting. I am so grateful for experiences like that.
Us with Sister Dubois

We finished our final week with an amazing day at church and visiting some members and our investigators to say goodbye. I am so grateful to have served here and I pray the area continues to progress the way that it has this transfer. There is so much in store for the rest of my mission and such a small amount of time to fit it all in! :) It is going to be a great next few months.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

We love texting the President here in Bedford haha
(Hope the Boston mission doesn't find this) ;)

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