Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Going from 4 to 2 sisters

My (most recent) district
Sisters (l-r): (ward member), Craig, Harper,
Danner, Cannell, Reeder, and me
Elders: Butters (co-DL), Hansen (ZL),
Erekson (ZL), and Lynn (co-DL)
Crazy things are happening in the mission, and in Bedford alone! We got our transfer calls this past Saturday and it was the last calls we ever expected!!

Facial masks and Ben&Jerry's ice cream
(how they recovered after transfer calls!)
[Shelli here]: I had to add this one
--it was too cute to pass up!
This was us cleaning out the black hole
we had in our closet – haha
President Stoker called when we were driving home, and the first thing he says is that Sister Danner is being transferred and will serve as senior companion. Then, he told Sister Cannell that she is being transferred and will serve as junior companion (and we later found out that she will be shotgunning an elder's area somewhere). Then! he told Sister Reeder that she is being transferred! and will serve as junior companion! Then he got to me... He said "Sister Tyler, you will remain in Bedford and be receiving a new missionary and serve as a trainer!" o.O :) 
I'm super excited, but oh my gosh! We all thought I was leaving since I've already been here for 3 transfers and we all thought for sure Sister Reeder was staying because she was supposed to be an office missionary when she got emergency transferred here two weeks ago. It is just so crazy. Also, now with the storm coming up, President had to postpone transfers and we don't know when transfer meeting will actually happen. So, hopefully transfers will happen sometime this week and it will be just me emailing with my new missionary next week.

I took inventory of everything and
we all helped clear it out and clean it up
Besides that craziness, this was a great week. We got two new investigators when we stopped by a couple we have met with a few times before and they said they were actually kind of interested in learning more, especially the wife (we left her a Restoration pamphlet and she carries it with her everywhere so she can read it whenever she can). They are both so sweet and truly just want to know the truth and know if we can actually have a personal relationship with God. I can't wait to continue teaching them.

The work is a marvelous one. And although the storm is big, I look forward to seeing the beautiful snow :)

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serving Sister Laura

Riding "The Moose" to Zone Conference!
This week just flew by and I feel like I'm in a whole new transfer with a new companion :). It was a lot of fun this week with multiple companionships because we end up planning a lot of different days in one day each night. It sounds a bit crazy, but it is so fulfilling. We are getting so much work done, too, since we have another set of sisters working during similar times to the original set. I think the best part about the quad is how everyone is just getting their minds blown when they find out we aren't two separate companionships :). It was especially fun during zone conference when we got to go and feel so spiritually uplifted with our topic being "recognizing the spirit". While there we just felt spiritually filled and we got to spread the news about our new Quad :)

"Sister Laura" and her famous hugs :)
Also during the week we got to help a member in our ward (that we work with regularly) move into a nursing home. Her name is Sister Laura (she prefers to go by her first name ;)) and she is the best! She always brightens up our day and I seriously can't go a week without visiting her! We were really scared when we got the news that she had to go to the hospital when she got sick, but now she is being taken care of in a nursing home, and she is happy and healthy again :) It was such a great opportunity to help her through the whole process and help clean up her apartment when she left.

I hope all is going well outside the New Hampshire Manchester Mission :)

Love, Sister Tyler

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Quad?!

So, this week we felt that three Sister missionaries in a companionship wasn't enough. And President Stoker must have agreed, so he gave us a fourth missionary! Haha :)

Sister Reeder just joined us this past week so that she can work in the mission office for a bit, and it has given each of us the opportunity to be an office missionary with her every third day. We really are a foursome companionship since we rotate companions, not just two companions. :)

It is also super fun that Sister Reeder joined us because she is finishing up the “12 week Training” this transfer (this is the training program that missionaries go through during their first two transfers) which means we all get to take turns doing the “12 week Training” again. :) It has seriously been such a party getting to know one another and making use of having an extra companionship by having two schedules each day and accomplishing a lot more than usual.
“The Quad”
**also note how she signed her blog today! :D

We've also decided that since there is four of us, we are a Quad (like the scriptures/standard works) – [I am the Old Testament (since I've been there the longest), Sister Reeder is the New Testament (since she is the newest), Sister Danner is the Book of Mormon (since she confirms truths I share), and Sister Cannell is the Doctrine and Covenants (since she has added extra revelation)].

Something else that was fun was that we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leader, Sister Burton (my old companion!). She came here to replace Sister Danner, but Sister Reeder, Cannell, and I stayed in Bedford. We decided it would be best to make two companionships by having Sister Reeder and I go out together and Sister Burton and Cannell go out together. It was tons of fun, but we made sure we had all of our meals at the same time so that we'd still see everyone in our giant companionship haha :).

Those are the main highlights of the week, and I really look forward to this next week with Zone Conference coming up :).

The Old Testament

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dinner with the Stokers

This was a really good week with a lot of progression for myself and our investigators.

We had a mostly regular week, but this past weekend we had a baptism for one of the Bedford Elder's investigators. We are so grateful she took all the necessary steps to baptism and that she is excited and happy to be a new member of God's church. It was also a great opportunity for us to bring a couple of our investigators to. It was such a special experience to invite them to the baptism and have them come out of curiosity to what it is like and wanting to understand more about coming closer to God in this way. It was definitely a spirit filled, special experience.

Then, we had church the next day where the Elder's investigator was confirmed in Sacrament meeting and it was again a special experience when everyone could feel a change in the atmosphere as the spirit filled the room, and it just continued to grow as we had our fast and testimony meeting.

I think I also especially loved church this week because we got to have President and Sister Stoker join us. And, after church, they asked if we had a dinner appointment that night, to which we said no, so they invited us over! It was so fun to be at the mission home and having dinner with them after a spirit filled fast Sunday. I especially loved how after dinner we got to take down the Christmas decorations we helped put up after Thanksgiving :).

I also just want to say I love the new year so far and I know that everyone can set goals and follow through with them to become better and help improve everyone's life with those simple things we can change.

Happy New Year!
~Sister Tyler