Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Frozen Yogurt and Magic Tricks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
This week went by so fast! I can't believe we are already in week 3 of my 6 week transfer period! We had a really good week starting off with St. Patrick's day. We did our regular service and then we had some green-white cheddar shells for lunch :) (and I may have dyed my apple juice green to go with it). It was really fun to celebrate with my companions that way. Then later that day we went and saw our less-active member Pat because it was her Birthday! (Yep, Pat's birthday on St. PATrick's day haha). We had a great time and helped explain what the Atonement was to her. I think it really helped by simply explaining how God really does love us because He sent His son to do everything so that we can repent and live again. It was a spirit filled lesson.

Then, later in the week we got to invite a lot of people to learn before we had even had lunch that day, so we decided to treat ourselves during our lunch hour and have some frozen yogurt at a small shop called Bee Bee's Frozen Yogurt that is owned by a cute Korean family. When we were eating the father of the family asked if we had some time that his son could practice some card tricks with us because he was preparing for a talent show. We said yes and the son came out and amazed us with some intense magic card tricks. After he was done we applauded and we asked if we could give them one of our cards (a mormon.org card) in return for the card show haha :). They accepted the card and hopefully we planted some seeds with them :). It is so fun to see how little miracles can happen each day.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 & 3 & 3

Pic sent from a wonderful member
right after Transfer Meeting!
Here's the new Trio:
Sisters Daughety, Duncan and Tyler :)
3 Is the lucky number of the week! I am now in a trio with two amazing sisters (Sister Duncan and Sister Daughety) and we had some amazing miracles happen this week (all in threes!).

First thing we did was we tracted like crazy (about 3 streets a day) and we found some really nice people from that. And we even got 3 referrals this week (one from a member and two from nonmembers). So, we are really working towards finding new investigators to refill our teaching pool.
This week has also been amazing because we've witnessed a few miracles. We've been getting a ton of ITLs (“Inviting To Learn”) and we even found 3 new investigators because of the member referral we got (I had the prompting to call and see how one of our members were doing and she said she was glad we called because she recently had someone pass away in her family and her mother and nephew had a lot of questions about it, so we went over to see the member and get the information to contact her mom [Joanna] and nephew [Jonathan] and we asked when a good time would be to see them and she said "how about now?" Then she called and asked if we could come over and they said yes!). So, we contacted our referral and they let us right in (and to our surprise they had someone else with them, her name is Hong, and she was interested in our message as well). They asked a lot of questions as we taught the Plan of Salvation. At the end we said that they are welcome to also come to church and learn more, and we explained that there would be a primary class for children, too. They said they'd really like to go and they came! We had 3 investigators at Sacrament meeting (Jonathan, Joanna, and Candice)(Hong didn't come) and the primary presidency really liked how we were finding a bunch of kids for them haha. It was an amazing weekend and I am so grateful for the power of finding, even if the blessing don't come directly from our efforts, I know they'll come :).

Always remember the Lord is on your side when you're doing good. I love this work, and I know He will always bless me with the effort I put forth to listen to Him and act on promptings.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Mission Conference!

This week was an interesting one :) We had some amazing days as we got to know the area a bit better as we went out and tracted a bit, but we also gave Sister Reeder's knee a rest as she begins both some recovery/surgery prep.

We also had a mission wide conference with an area seventy, a presidency of the seventy, and a member of the presiding bishopric. It was amazing to hear them speak and help us understand more of how we can improve as missionaries. The main thing that struck me was just how we can really make a change both in ourselves and in our areas. We need to always remember that our ability to grow from what we can potentially learn in all of our meetings and studies can be exponential if we allow ourselves to improve from what we learn. I hope I can take this council and really apply it into my life :)
Sis. "Snow White" ;)
(see story in blogpost)

There's a funny mission tradition here: When a missionary has completed their mission, they are classified as “dying.” They'll pose in a scene for a picture acting out how they “die.” Well, we decided to adapt Sis. Reeder's picture. Since she's going home to get knee surgery and will return to the mission after her recovery, we decided to portray her in a “deep sleep” (like Snow White) rather than being “dead and gone.”

Oh, and transfer calls came on Saturday night. I am receiving a junior companion and will be staying in Bedford as Sister Reeder goes home :)

I hope that everyone has a spiritually uplifting week.

Love, Sister Tyler

The “Quad” from January -
Reunited at the mission-wide conference!
(Sis. Cannell, Danner, Tyler, Reeder)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sherry got baptized! :)

Sister Reeder, Sherry and Sister Tyler
(first baptism for Sister Tyler)
This past week has been one completely guided by the Lord. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes that reason is beyond what we can see in this life, too.

The main highlight of this week was definitely my first baptism on my mission with Sherry! It was absolutely amazing. Although, like I mentioned last week, there was supposed to be two people baptized, but Candice felt nervous right beforehand, so we ended up having only Sherry baptized and confirmed. So, we will be working with Candice more this week to know what more we can do to help her prepare for her own baptism. I know that she has a time that the Lord has prepared for her to be baptized, it just wasn't the original time we had planned.

But, Sherry is doing well, and we feel confident that she has made some amazing life changing choices that will eventually help bring her to live with her Father in Heaven someday. I know that everyone can make this same choice to be baptized and strive to be ready to live in Heaven with our families someday. Sometimes these choices are very hard and even scary, but I know the Lord would not ask anything of us that we could not accomplish or would not bring us blessings. He will only ever ask us to do things so that He can bless our lives. I pray that everyone who makes the choice to be baptized will remember the sacredness of the covenants they've made. And for those who haven't decided if they are ready for baptism yet, I pray they may consider the blessings that the Lord is waiting to give them in their lives, and what they can do to take steps forward and to come closer to Him.

I know the Lord is in this work. It is His work. Our efforts as missionaries is weak at times, but He is always there to make all things possible.

Love, Sister Tyler
We made an Olaf for the Ward activity
and later gave him a name tag...
so now he is Elder Olaf. ;)