Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Mission Conference!

This week was an interesting one :) We had some amazing days as we got to know the area a bit better as we went out and tracted a bit, but we also gave Sister Reeder's knee a rest as she begins both some recovery/surgery prep.

We also had a mission wide conference with an area seventy, a presidency of the seventy, and a member of the presiding bishopric. It was amazing to hear them speak and help us understand more of how we can improve as missionaries. The main thing that struck me was just how we can really make a change both in ourselves and in our areas. We need to always remember that our ability to grow from what we can potentially learn in all of our meetings and studies can be exponential if we allow ourselves to improve from what we learn. I hope I can take this council and really apply it into my life :)
Sis. "Snow White" ;)
(see story in blogpost)

There's a funny mission tradition here: When a missionary has completed their mission, they are classified as “dying.” They'll pose in a scene for a picture acting out how they “die.” Well, we decided to adapt Sis. Reeder's picture. Since she's going home to get knee surgery and will return to the mission after her recovery, we decided to portray her in a “deep sleep” (like Snow White) rather than being “dead and gone.”

Oh, and transfer calls came on Saturday night. I am receiving a junior companion and will be staying in Bedford as Sister Reeder goes home :)

I hope that everyone has a spiritually uplifting week.

Love, Sister Tyler

The “Quad” from January -
Reunited at the mission-wide conference!
(Sis. Cannell, Danner, Tyler, Reeder)

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