Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 & 3 & 3

Pic sent from a wonderful member
right after Transfer Meeting!
Here's the new Trio:
Sisters Daughety, Duncan and Tyler :)
3 Is the lucky number of the week! I am now in a trio with two amazing sisters (Sister Duncan and Sister Daughety) and we had some amazing miracles happen this week (all in threes!).

First thing we did was we tracted like crazy (about 3 streets a day) and we found some really nice people from that. And we even got 3 referrals this week (one from a member and two from nonmembers). So, we are really working towards finding new investigators to refill our teaching pool.
This week has also been amazing because we've witnessed a few miracles. We've been getting a ton of ITLs (“Inviting To Learn”) and we even found 3 new investigators because of the member referral we got (I had the prompting to call and see how one of our members were doing and she said she was glad we called because she recently had someone pass away in her family and her mother and nephew had a lot of questions about it, so we went over to see the member and get the information to contact her mom [Joanna] and nephew [Jonathan] and we asked when a good time would be to see them and she said "how about now?" Then she called and asked if we could come over and they said yes!). So, we contacted our referral and they let us right in (and to our surprise they had someone else with them, her name is Hong, and she was interested in our message as well). They asked a lot of questions as we taught the Plan of Salvation. At the end we said that they are welcome to also come to church and learn more, and we explained that there would be a primary class for children, too. They said they'd really like to go and they came! We had 3 investigators at Sacrament meeting (Jonathan, Joanna, and Candice)(Hong didn't come) and the primary presidency really liked how we were finding a bunch of kids for them haha. It was an amazing weekend and I am so grateful for the power of finding, even if the blessing don't come directly from our efforts, I know they'll come :).

Always remember the Lord is on your side when you're doing good. I love this work, and I know He will always bless me with the effort I put forth to listen to Him and act on promptings.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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