Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slurpees and Candy Land

Missionaries love packages!
(and their boxes too, I guess)

This was my last week as a Sister Training Leader. We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am going to be staying in Sanford and training a new missionary (for most likely my last two transfers of my mission!) and Sister Olsen will be opening a new area for sisters as a Sister Training Leader! We are both so excited for these transfer calls and we will miss each other, but the future has great things in store.

Sister Tyler has been growing
her own basil leaves
(she’s really proud of herself).
We also had our last round of Zone interviews this past Wednesday. As a part of our training during Zone Interviews, we played a life-size version of Candy Land, but instead of a spinner or cards to know how far the companionship moved, we asked a question/concern that an investigator or member may have and the companionship had to answer it using an Article of Faith. It was so fun to ask them questions and see how creative they could get in reciting an Article of Faith and explaining how it applies to the investigator/member personally. Sister Olsen and I were really glad we came up with the idea because we feel it was a huge success in helping everyone understand how the Articles of Faith are so great in simply explaining what it is that we believe as a church.

Then, later that day, we adapted the questions from concerns to trivia questions and played Articles of Faith Candy Land with the Activity Day girls (ages 8-11). We have been able to help with a few of their activities now, and it has been so fun to get to know them better and help put together activities for them.

“Us taking a picture while talking
w/the Georgetown sisters over the phone…
Also, we may have broken a whisk
while I made a cake….” :)
Another fun activity was the big Zone Slurpee Picture Contest. A few weeks ago, the elders in Sanford decided to take a funny picture holding a couple of Slurpees, and since then everyone has tried to take a picture like it with their own spin. Once everyone took a picture, they decided during district meeting (that I wasn't able to attend due to Zone Interviews) that my mom would be the perfect person to judge the photos! There were some really funny pictures that everyone took, and I think it's cool that everyone decided my mom would be perfect for it (because I agree with them). So, my mom chose a winner!

I look forward to the new adventure I will have with my trainee!

Sincerely, Sister Tyler
Here’s some of the
Zone Slurpee Picture Competition.
She said it really helped unify them all.
I like how it shows missionaries
can have fun too :)

I thought the last one was the winner
mainly because it made me laugh
 (and after zooming in I noticed
they photo shopped their name tags
 to say “Sister Tyler” and “Sister Olsen”…)

**[OK, I admit that elders dressed like this
probably isn’t the best…haha…
that’s why it’s at the
very bottom of the blog!] ;)