Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scones and Charity

This was a quick fun pic she sent as
we finished our weekly email session.
We love Sis. Tyler! :)
I have loved this week. We got to have district P-day this past Monday and it was fun to just goof off and get to know the other missionaries in our district better. We even felt comfortable enough to play zombie pivot ball and roll around on the floor for the fun of it haha.

On Tuesday we got to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council). It was a humbling experience to be taught about how we can all be more charitable. I felt a call to repentance and I've studied charity as much as I can. It was amazing to me to learn about how there are so many different aspects of charity that we commonly forget. My favorite is the idea that charity is a gift from God. We have to take action and develop charity, but it is impossible to begin to develop it without help from God. Similar to how a fire needs to be continually fueled to keep burning, but a fire cannot be started without a spark. So, we must pray and ask God for charity continually if we want to be changed. I'm so grateful to have the beginning of a better understanding of it so that I may know how to best develop who I am and to be happy throughout life.

Sister Tyler and Olsen
We also had a couple of fun experiences where we were able to act on the message of charity. First, we made scones for someone who had surgery and is having a hard time recovering, but we will be making continual visits to her now (and we'll keep working on our scone making skills).

District Activity on P-Day
(weekly preparation day)
The second experience came about while we were planning for our upcoming day and all of our plans fell through. So, as we were praying, we both felt prompted that we should go to the town of Wells and proselyte there. We weren't sure why, but we planned as best we could. After contacting some people and having no one home for the first few hours, we decided to stop by a sweet family who was going through a bit of a hard time. We decided to heart attack them (put a bunch of sticky notes all over their front door telling them how amazing they are), but when we walked up to their house with our sticky notes, we found the parents and two of the children were outside! We decided to go for it anyways and they played along with us when we said “You can't see us!” haha. But before we left we asked the mom if she needed help weeding (which is what she was doing when we came up to the house). She said she wouldn't mind if we helped so we got down and helped while we talked for a little while. It was so great to be able to talk to her and help them in such a small way. It probably wasn't too significant to them, but to us it made us amazingly happy. Charity really is an amazing thing.

Sister Tyler and Olsen
We had a miracle in our area, too! We had a return appointment set up with a former investigator who said she'd be interested in learning again, so we went and made plans to invite her friend (who is sometimes there) to join us if he'd like. When we got there he was there and we almost didn't do it, but we asked her if she thought he'd like to join us and she asked and he said yes. So, we all talked about what we believed and taught about the Book of Mormon and prayer before setting up a time to see them both again. It is really cool to see how applying things from Preach my Gospel that I thought would be awkward are actually amazing things. I wish I had learned it sooner in my mission, but now I can take it and apply it into the rest of my life. I am so grateful for this time to serve and learn.

The work is magnificent!

Sincerely, Sister Tyler
She described this as having
an “introvert moment”
during their weekly planning.

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