Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mill Field Festival with Family History

What a crazy week, with exchanges, then interviews and zone meeting, and a festival in North Berwick. It was so fun!

The highlight of the week was definitely the all-day festival in North Berwick (a town in our area). A member in our ward bought a booth for us to help with as part of the festival because he wanted us to have an opportunity to talk to people about family history work while we were all dressed like pioneers to help people remember us and what we were doing. It was so last minute, but with the help of my mom sending us pioneer dresses to wear, and working with President Stoker to get permission for other missionaries to come and help it turned out to be an amazing event. We had the Somersworth elders and sisters, the Sanford elders and sisters, and even the senior couple from the mission office (the Adams) come and help because they are family search masters.
We coordinated with the Somersworth missionaries to come and help out during the first half of the day and then we and the Sanford elders took over for the second half. Throughout the day the elders gave handcart rides to any kids that wanted to try it. It was amazing to see how many kids jumped on the opportunity even when they had bouncy houses and other things to choose from. There was even a sweet boy named Tucker who helped us pass out cards to as many people as we could, he become friends with the elders first, and then we handed him a card with Jesus Christ on it, and he looked at us and asked if this was Christ the son of God, to which we said yes, and explained what we meant when we say He lives. Tucker didn't quite understand at first, but he still wanted to spend the rest of the day with us because he felt happy with us. It was so fun to get to know him and tons of other people all while dressed like a pioneer!
No one really jumped at the opportunity to talk with us a ton about the gospel, but we had nothing but positive contacts throughout the day. It was such an amazing event that helped everyone in the area get to know us and see us as normal people (who sometimes dress like pioneers).

I hope they continue to do this next year at the festival, too. I know that simple activities like this only help others get to know the members of the church and helps everyone see that we love the Lord and want to continue to put family first.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Sister Tyler is still clever and creative! ;)

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