Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sherry got baptized! :)

Sister Reeder, Sherry and Sister Tyler
(first baptism for Sister Tyler)
This past week has been one completely guided by the Lord. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes that reason is beyond what we can see in this life, too.

The main highlight of this week was definitely my first baptism on my mission with Sherry! It was absolutely amazing. Although, like I mentioned last week, there was supposed to be two people baptized, but Candice felt nervous right beforehand, so we ended up having only Sherry baptized and confirmed. So, we will be working with Candice more this week to know what more we can do to help her prepare for her own baptism. I know that she has a time that the Lord has prepared for her to be baptized, it just wasn't the original time we had planned.

But, Sherry is doing well, and we feel confident that she has made some amazing life changing choices that will eventually help bring her to live with her Father in Heaven someday. I know that everyone can make this same choice to be baptized and strive to be ready to live in Heaven with our families someday. Sometimes these choices are very hard and even scary, but I know the Lord would not ask anything of us that we could not accomplish or would not bring us blessings. He will only ever ask us to do things so that He can bless our lives. I pray that everyone who makes the choice to be baptized will remember the sacredness of the covenants they've made. And for those who haven't decided if they are ready for baptism yet, I pray they may consider the blessings that the Lord is waiting to give them in their lives, and what they can do to take steps forward and to come closer to Him.

I know the Lord is in this work. It is His work. Our efforts as missionaries is weak at times, but He is always there to make all things possible.

Love, Sister Tyler
We made an Olaf for the Ward activity
and later gave him a name tag...
so now he is Elder Olaf. ;)

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