Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Upcoming Baptisms!

Sister Tyler and Sister Reeder were studying
at the mission office one morning and decided
to take over the Assistant to the President's desk
and be the mission's first “Sister AP”s haha :)
This week we have the great opportunity to help two amazing people to baptism! Sherry and Candice have been working so hard these past few months and weeks to prepare for baptism this upcoming Saturday and confirmation this upcoming Sunday. They are so excited and Candice is really getting into the activity days on Wednesday nights too. I am truly so excited for them and all the doors that are opening for them.

We also had a good week in helping a less active sister in the ward (Sister Constantine). She has been fighting to quit smoking for a long time now. So, we are working with her to stop smoking and she is doing fairly well. We got to clean her apartment a ton to get out the smoky smell that has been stuck on her walls for years. And now she is even finding a better friend group to help uplift her and support her in her efforts.

The Bishop's family saw the Sister missionaries
and some of the senior office missionaries
at Panera and kindly sent us a picture!! :)
But, I think the greatest miracle this week, is when we went over to her apartment Sunday morning before church. She had said every day the week before that she really wanted to finally come to church for the first time in over a year. But, when we came to pick her up with her visiting teacher, she answered the door and had just gotten out of bed and hadn't slept well or anything (Satan was trying so hard to stop her from coming). She said she couldn't come because she wasn't ready, but we told her that her we and her visiting teacher really wanted her to come to church with us. Then, she gave me a look that goes with the thought "I'm done letting Satan stop me from doing what I truly want to do." So she went and got ready with a very determined look continuing on her face :). It was just yesterday that Sister Constantine came to church for the first time in over a year, and she absolutely loved it :).

Miracles are happening every day in Bedford, and it is the best thing ever :)

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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