Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/2/15 and 2/9/15

How does a mom and dad
get a same day message to
a missionary stuck in the snow??
...we sent her some flowers! ;)
Sister Tyler's mom here: SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! Sister Tyler is experiencing a TON of snowfall this winter. Due to the New England snowstorms she wasn't able to make it to internet connection last week, so we got a good old fashioned handwritten letter! ;) haha

However, we actually heard from her via email this week and it was a FUN surprise! We have a very thoughtful ward member to thank for that—but even then there wasn't enough time for a blog post. Sister Tyler promises an update next week.....if there's no snow to stop her! :) (or a Federal holiday closing the library)

In summary the past two weeks consisted of transfers, getting a new missionary to train and getting a surprise 3rd companion! Sister Tyler was able to be with the new missionary for a week or so, but then this new sister needed to go home for a family emergency. In her handwritten letter Sister Tyler wrote: “I'm just going to miss her.” The surprise 3rd companion actually was Sister Reeder who had joined the “Trio” earlier in January (thus making the “Quad”)(see pictures). She's recovering from some knee surgery so there is not a lot of trudging through the snow! They also both continue to help in the Mission Office.

Nevertheless, we did receive pictures—Enjoy! Feel free to write Sister Tyler a POSTAL letter...who knows when she'll be able to get access to email! I think she'd appreciate it... :)

Sister Katy Tyler
2 Bedford Farms Dr. Suite 208
Bedford, NH 03110

The “Quad”
(before transfers on 1/27/15)

The “new” Trio!
Trio t-shirts

Temperature in Bedford
From a webcam in Manchester, NH

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