Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Going from 4 to 2 sisters

My (most recent) district
Sisters (l-r): (ward member), Craig, Harper,
Danner, Cannell, Reeder, and me
Elders: Butters (co-DL), Hansen (ZL),
Erekson (ZL), and Lynn (co-DL)
Crazy things are happening in the mission, and in Bedford alone! We got our transfer calls this past Saturday and it was the last calls we ever expected!!

Facial masks and Ben&Jerry's ice cream
(how they recovered after transfer calls!)
[Shelli here]: I had to add this one
--it was too cute to pass up!
This was us cleaning out the black hole
we had in our closet – haha
President Stoker called when we were driving home, and the first thing he says is that Sister Danner is being transferred and will serve as senior companion. Then, he told Sister Cannell that she is being transferred and will serve as junior companion (and we later found out that she will be shotgunning an elder's area somewhere). Then! he told Sister Reeder that she is being transferred! and will serve as junior companion! Then he got to me... He said "Sister Tyler, you will remain in Bedford and be receiving a new missionary and serve as a trainer!" o.O :) 
I'm super excited, but oh my gosh! We all thought I was leaving since I've already been here for 3 transfers and we all thought for sure Sister Reeder was staying because she was supposed to be an office missionary when she got emergency transferred here two weeks ago. It is just so crazy. Also, now with the storm coming up, President had to postpone transfers and we don't know when transfer meeting will actually happen. So, hopefully transfers will happen sometime this week and it will be just me emailing with my new missionary next week.

I took inventory of everything and
we all helped clear it out and clean it up
Besides that craziness, this was a great week. We got two new investigators when we stopped by a couple we have met with a few times before and they said they were actually kind of interested in learning more, especially the wife (we left her a Restoration pamphlet and she carries it with her everywhere so she can read it whenever she can). They are both so sweet and truly just want to know the truth and know if we can actually have a personal relationship with God. I can't wait to continue teaching them.

The work is a marvelous one. And although the storm is big, I look forward to seeing the beautiful snow :)

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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