Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serving Sister Laura

Riding "The Moose" to Zone Conference!
This week just flew by and I feel like I'm in a whole new transfer with a new companion :). It was a lot of fun this week with multiple companionships because we end up planning a lot of different days in one day each night. It sounds a bit crazy, but it is so fulfilling. We are getting so much work done, too, since we have another set of sisters working during similar times to the original set. I think the best part about the quad is how everyone is just getting their minds blown when they find out we aren't two separate companionships :). It was especially fun during zone conference when we got to go and feel so spiritually uplifted with our topic being "recognizing the spirit". While there we just felt spiritually filled and we got to spread the news about our new Quad :)

"Sister Laura" and her famous hugs :)
Also during the week we got to help a member in our ward (that we work with regularly) move into a nursing home. Her name is Sister Laura (she prefers to go by her first name ;)) and she is the best! She always brightens up our day and I seriously can't go a week without visiting her! We were really scared when we got the news that she had to go to the hospital when she got sick, but now she is being taken care of in a nursing home, and she is happy and healthy again :) It was such a great opportunity to help her through the whole process and help clean up her apartment when she left.

I hope all is going well outside the New Hampshire Manchester Mission :)

Love, Sister Tyler

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