Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Progression, Change, Happiness

Sister Tyler accidentally crossing
over the mission boundaries! haha ;)
I feel so out of shape when it comes to writing blog posts/emails home haha :)

These past few weeks have been crazy, so I'll do my best to update on what's happened :). After the first week of the transfer we've been able to find a new investigator who is so sweet and fun to talk to. She is from Germany and is interested in learning about God. It was been fun to begin getting to know her and what she believes in regards to who God is, and it seems we will be keeping the lessons we have with her very simple as we establish ideas of who god is and who Christ is both in general and in our relationship with them :). I'm very excited to continue teaching her.

Then we have been working more closely with a less active member in our ward who has struggled with an addiction to smoking for a good majority of her life. So, she has decided to finally quit smoking and we are doing a stop smoking program with her that has been given to missionaries to use, and if done correctly, the person who is quitting smoking will be a nonsmoker in 7 days. It is an amazing program that we can't wait to start with her.

Sister Tyler and Sister Boyce
in Merrimack, NH
We also have been working more closely with our investigator Sherry. She started investigating again with us back in November and she is now preparing for her baptism in the next couple of weeks! We are so excited to help her continue in Christ's gospel and she is also working with us and her granddaughter so that her granddaughter may be baptized as well! We continue to pray things run smoothly for her progression towards baptism, and we are so excited as she is loving every bit of the Spirit she feels as she pushes towards this goal for baptism and then activity in the church :).

I also had the opportunity to go on exchange this past week with our new Sister Training Leader Sister Boyce! She and I came out together so it was so fun to go out with her here in Bedford while Sister Reeder went with Sister Burton (my second companion in the field) in Canterbury. Funny story, we went out to find a less active member that the Bishop wanted us to meet. There was one point when I had to turn around to go back somewhere, so I turned onto a street that was called something like "Freedom Circle" because I thought it would be easy to turn around in—and I wouldn't need to worry about accidentally going outside the mission boundaries (because we were on the edge at that point). But, when we got to the circle part we found that the two houses at the end of the circle were actually in the next town over! (how weird is that?) So there are two houses outside our mission boundaries (not just our ward/area boundaries, but it is in the Boston Massachusetts Mission!) This means that the other mission can't get to them either because the only way to get to them is through our mission... Very strange how New England is set up haha :) But Sister Boyce and I took some fun pictures to take advantage of accidentally going outside the mission border :)

Life continues to be great and fun here in Bedford. I hope everyone enjoyed Valentines day!

Love, Sister Tyler
EVERY Valentine's Day Katy
makes a heart shaped cake
...this year it has a name tag :)
This is the chapel in Exeter, NH
during last week's snowstorms.
Beautiful, but scary!!

And an inspirational quote!

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