Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter is Amazing

Just a few days have gone by since I've been to the temple and it already seems so long ago. It's amazing how you really do have to go often to continue to grow and develop your relationship with God in that way. And really, there are so many countless ways to develop a good relationship with God. The simplest way of gaining that relationship being through regular prayer, which is the first thing that I've strengthened my testimony on recently.

Sunday night I had a bad reaction to some food I had throughout the day. We had a meal appointment for every meal with a lot of food at each one and I did my best to not eat too much since my body can't handle large amounts of food, but there was no way to avoid eating more than I ever have in a 24 hour period. After returning home from our last meal appointment, it was about 8:30 at night and my body started to absolutely hate me :P. I will spare the gross details, but I will say I felt like my stomach acid was burning my insides. I was worried I'd have to have my companions take me to emergency care. But with a personal pleading prayer, help from the mission nurse over the phone, and a blessing from the Elders in my ward, I was able to get through the night and get some rest.

Now I am doing much better and continue to thank God in my prayers for helping me through such a scary and agonizing time. Two lessons were learned from this experience: First, I will never eat that much food ever again, and second, I will always pray and ask the Lord for help before anything else and thank Him immensely afterwards.

Manchester District dyeing Easter eggs
Another great experience from this weekend was getting to watch General Conference. Hearing all the talks from our wonderful church leaders also helped build my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Getting to hear so much about the family and how important it is to protect the family from being destroyed in the world today, I know where I stand as I do my best to help others understand more of the great joy that families bring. I wish everyone could know the happiness that comes when you have a family centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If anyone wants to hear a talk from general conference or understand more about what our Heavenly Father believes about the family, you should check out this link:  April 2015 LDS General Conference

I know that this church is true, and that our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, is inspired by God to help lead and guide His church.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Elder Wadsworth thought it would be funny
to have a golden egg. haha

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