Thursday, April 2, 2015

Boston Temple Trip

Sister Katy Tyler at the Boston Massachusetts LDS Temple
Today I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Boston Temple. Temples truly are a House of the Lord. As soon as I touched the front door I felt an overwhelming sense of peace in my heart and a sense of belonging, like I was home. I have felt similar feelings before, like when I come home from college for a vacation, but nothing will ever match the wonderful feeling when you do the Lord's work, for both the dead and the living.
Sister Duncan and Sister Tyler

I think the most amazing part of the temple is just the peaceful feeling you feel. That peaceful feeling makes it so much easier to open up and talk to God in prayer so that one can completely open their heart and talk with God, not just to Him.

I will keep this short, but I want to share, above all else, that I know this gospel (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) is true. That God loves us as He is our Heavenly Father, and all He will ever ask of us is that we follow Him so He can bless us and someday have us return home to Him.

If anyone ever has a question or confusion in their mind or heart, all you need to do is kneel down, address our Father in Heaven, pour out the desires of your heart, and close it in Christ's name (doing that because it is through Christ we can communicate with our Heavenly Father).

The gospel is true.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

A wonderful member sent this pic to us on Monday
(normally Sis. Tyler's P-day).
What a tender mercy to still connect that day!

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