Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A New Transfer – A New Investigator

First week of a new transfer and we've already done a lot of walking haha. We started out the week by doing the regular things. Did service at the library, read the Book of Mormon with an investigator, and reorganized plans after some schedule changes. Then on Thursday we got to meet the new members of our district. We got a new Elder in the St Albans area (just north of us) and a new Zone leader. It was cool getting to know them, but we went out to eat for lunch after district meeting so it was harder to talk. :/ But luckily we will see them again this upcoming Thursday when we can get to know their mission stories more.

This weekend we had some exciting things happen. We contacted a member of our ward who is going out with a nonmember and asked if he knew if she, the nonmember, would like to learn more abo
ut the church. After he asked and talked to her for a bit, she said she would! So, we had our first lesson with her on Sunday and it was so good. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her boyfriend was very supportive in everything we talked about. He kept bearing his testimony and supporting her in saying he would help her keep all of the commitments we extended (like reading the Book of Mormon and seeing her again next week). It was such a wonderful experience to have a member there that was so supportive and into the lesson. It's situations like that that make things so much easier for everyone.

Overall it has been a good but quick week :)

Sister Tyler
[This was a fun drawing she sent for David's birthday. She knows how busy our life has been recently... We love the little details--like the "Meow." ;) ]

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