Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Transfer Done!

I can't believe I'm already one transfer into my mission! I still want to tell people I've only been out for a couple of weeks haha.

Sister Tyler in Vermont June 2014
The work is progressing so much! Our numbers have nearly quadrupled since my first week here :D. We got another new investigator this week, too! It was really cool, we were at a bus stop just waiting for the bus to come when a lady came and stood by us. After we rode together (didn't say anything to one another yet) and got off, she mentioned to us how she saw our commercials on TV. So, we asked if she wanted to learn more and she said yes! We had our first appointment with her yesterday and we are excited to give her a church tour and bring her to church soon :). Our other investigators have been really good, too. We had a lesson with one of our investigators (who has been investigating for a good amount of time) and we focused on baptism for this lesson. We had a member with us and she just explained her conversion and testimony to our investigator and it was amazing! It was exactly what the investigator needed to hear. I am so grateful for members who are so willing to help us in inviting people to come unto Christ. I've learned from that experience how important members are in missionary work.

We also had the opportunity to have the 3rd hour lesson during church focus on missionary work yesterday. Our ward mission leader taught the entire lesson instead of us missionaries though because he wanted to emphasize how it is the ward's job to find people for us to teach instead of the ward just taking over when we get someone converted (we have to work together throughout a person's conversion process). The lesson focused on mormon.org and how easy it is to be a member missionary using that website. I'm so grateful we all have the opportunity to invite everyone we know to come unto Christ and find joy and happiness in this life and forever. I know that the gospel can change someone's life, and all we need to do is introduce them to it.

Missionary work is great! (D&C 4)

Sister Tyler

[We (her mom and dad) decided to share this picture she sent because of the GREAT message it has!]  Sister Tyler made a cover for her daily planner using some pictures from an old church magazine.

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  1. Way to go. Your cousin Jake Siolo just entered the MTC today. You guys rock!