Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 New Investigators!

This has been an amazing week :). It started out awesome when we got to help stain a non-member's deck again and we got to have lunch with them afterwards. We didn't talk too much about the gospel, but we got to know them and they became comfortable with us. So, the next day we came back to say hi and we taught them about the Restoration. They seemed to really accept it and they supported a lot of what we said. It was so wonderful and they are so sweet! So, from that we got 2 new investigators!

Fun truck we saw while driving home  ;)
Then, on Sunday, we came to another investigator's house for an appointment and we found out that our investigator had invited someone to attend this lesson with her! So, we taught them both about the Restoration using the pamphlet as well and they both seemed to receive it well. And, the man that our investigator invited seemed really interested in what we were saying so we left him with a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment for the both of them.

It's amazing how we find these people through means other than the traditional tracting that most people see missionaries doing. :)
Both are still alive and well!

Funny story, we taught an older less active member this week and she told us about her headstone that she has in the cemetery nearby. So, obviously we had to go check it out (see picture--->).

One other highlight this week was that an 8 year old boy in our ward got baptized on Saturday! We came to support him and his family and it was such a wonderful experience to be able to see him be baptized. I know that the spirit was felt very strongly by everyone in the room, and I know that it was important to the young boy's life and to his family's.

Not too many big things happened this week, but I am still so excited to continue in the work. The Lord has so much in store for this area!

Sister Tyler

Plan of Salvation drawing done by the four awesome kids of the family we taught after dinner on Thursday – the father said the Plan of Salvation made so much more sense with the diagram! haha

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