Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time is flying!

I still can't believe that I have been here for 2 weeks! Better yet, every day I'm here I love it more.
The weather has been beautiful and I love everyone I meet. The people are so friendly here, too. If you get to know someone and you show mutual care and respect, they start treating you like family. It is wonderful. :)

This past week my companion and I have done a lot of walking. For our car, we are allotted a certain number of miles each month and the sisters that were in my area before me and my companion used up a ton of miles, so we had to make due without a car for the most part last week so we didn't go over our mile limit (it was hard, but we did it!). We really got to know the area of South Burlington by walking a lot, too (which will really help me with getting to know where everything is).

My area is progressing a ton since we've got here! We normally have one, maybe two, less actives come to church every week after we challenge them to come. But for the past two weeks we have had 4 investigators in sacrament meeting, and the majority staying for all three hours! It's amazing! My companion and I think it is because we are showing the members that we are excited to be here and we aren't going anywhere (this poor area has lost a lot of missionaries recently, it's a long story, but it is getting better don't worry). And honestly, we haven't challenged anyone to come to church yet, we have simply been teaching them about what it is that they are desiring to learn about and we teach with that about how God wants them to recognize His influence in their lives.

The work is wonderful and the area is blossoming. D&C 4:4

Sincerely, Sister Tyler
Burlington, VT

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