Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crazy Week!

Crazy week this week, and it probably won't get any calmer next week haha.

On Monday we had our district p-day where we got to hang out and play some sports as a district. It was tons of fun cause we got to play chair soccer and capture the flag. Chair soccer was tons of fun cause we just got to run around and relax for a bit in the gym, but then capture the flag was hard because we played using the entire building and my companion and I couldn't separate because we were the only sisters! So the other team won :P but that's okay we still had fun :).

Then, on Monday night, my companion and I started a long road-trip down to Manchester, New Hampshire for new missionary training. It was
fun getting about 3 hours each way to just relax and talk with my companion, and it was also fun because I got to see all of the girls in my MTC district again! So, we got to the mission home and slept there overnight before getting up and heading over to a church building to start off the day with some training. We didn't really learn any new information, but we got to review everything we've been doing and have a good time being with the other sisters for a few hours. After we finished up we dropped off some things at the mission office and headed home :).

The rest of the week wasn't too much crazier, but I did get to do some tracting for the first time :) It's about as scary as it sounds (to go door to door and just talk to strangers while introducing what we believe all within a few short minutes), but it is still fun because you meet some people that are very sweet and respectful. I think what I learned most from this is that our religion is actually very well known, so all we have to do is clarify what it is that we actually believe.

Speaking of what we believe, our mission president has challenged all the missionaries to try a new way of teaching where we use the pamphlets for our appointments and teaching opportunities, but even more we use only the pictures in the pamphlets with a "look at this, what do you see, discuss it" method. I didn't think it would actually work because it feels really awkward when you ask people what a bunch of pictures look like to them, but it is super effective in finding out what people understand/don't understand and just filling in the blanks to complete their knowledge :). So, I've found the system to be very useful and I look forward to finding more opportunities to teach with it.
My district in Vermont

To wrap up the week we had a special event going on through the weekend, where Friday-Sunday we had a media weekend. Basically we had a bunch of members go with us to different appointments and we took pictures wherever we go to share on social media sites to spread the word of the Lord through the use of technology and everything like that. It was a wonderful opportunity to both spread the gospel through social media, and to use the members more in our appointments and visits.

It has been a very good week and I look forward to what this week has to offer.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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