Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July at Kennebunk Beach

Sisters Olsen and Tyler at Kennebunk Beach
It was a wonderful and fun week with new experiences. We started the week by doing a new "Finding Idea" that is listed in one of the beginning pages of our planner. Sister Olsen and I decided we wanted to try as many finding ideas as we could before the end of our transfer. So, we decided to first try the finding idea "Put your name on lists at hospitals or funeral homes as clergy who will talk to people in crisis." We thought it was perfect because we live down the street from a funeral home! We set aside some time one morning to go over and ask someone if that is something we could do. It was so nerve-wracking because there were practically three front doors and it was a huge house. :P But, we went up to a door we thought would be right and rang the buzzer. Immediately someone let us in and we introduced ourselves and explained what our purpose was in coming. They said that was very sweet but they don't have a list like that. So, our finding idea didn't work, but hey it was fun to try it! And now we can say we've done it haha.

We got happy meals
because they had minion toys ^_^
Then, as the week went on, we felt like it could be a good idea to use more family oriented stuff in our finding (since that is something the world is really focused on right now and also focusing on Family History during 4th of July could spark interest by those with ancestors who served in wars). So, we have offered a lot of Family Proclamation documents to people as well as showing them how to do their family history work. No one has taken us up on the offer yet, but it has been fun talking to people about their families this past week.

Finally we ended our week full of finding by going beach contacting at Kennebunk Beach, starting a couple of hours before the fireworks went off for the 4th of July. It was overwhelming at first by how many people were there, but after a while we would just talk to people as we walked and take a break and sit next to different people sometimes. We didn't do any crazy short lessons or find any potential investigators. But we did help people to know who we are and that we are just regular people.

This is Frankie.
Frankie sheds like crazy,
but he is cute and he likes to
bury his face in things
like my skirt or our hands :)
The work isn't always easy, and we don't always see our success, but it is so fulfilling.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler
In Derry, NH while I was on exchange with
Sister Cox :)

Kennebunk Beach on the 4th of July

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