Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"You're great, we're great, it's great!"

(back, l-r): Sisters Bee, Payne, Tyler, Olsen
(front) two Elders :)
It is now the first week of my first transfer of being with the same one companion two transfers in a row since I was being trained. It is kind of crazy but we didn't get a transfer call this time around. I guess the Lord needs us to work more in this part of the vineyard :).

We had a great week starting with MLC (Mission Leadership Council). I was excited for this one because it was here we got the training we needed to be able to put together our training for Zone Conference on the 22nd. The part that makes me most nervous about giving this upcoming training is that we (as sister training leaders) have to teach alone because one of us has to attend and teach at each of the two zone meetings and all of the zone meetings happen on the same day! And even more, this transfer President is trying something new with the two zones in our stake where the zone leaders won't be in a zone leader companionship, it will be single zone leaders. This means that there will only be one sister training leader and one zone leader to teach each zone of missionaries. It seems so simple, but it is kind of crazy :P :). But, I know it will be great.
Sister Tyler just loves Minions :)

As far as our area goes, we are still working towards finding those who are interested in learning. It has been a difficult area to find investigators in, but I know that it is possible. And, if nothing else, we get great stories together haha. For example, this past week, we were following up with a potential that missionaries in the past had found but they didn't list an apartment number in the records, so we did our best to follow the Spirit and we started knocking on doors looking for them. When we knocked on one door the guy that answered just looked at us and said "Oh no, no no! Well, you're great, you're great, I'm great, we're great, it's great...bye!" and closed the door. We couldn't help but smile to ourselves because it was so funny how he did respect us but didn't really want to talk and didn't know how to do it, but I think he did it well since he made our day haha.

Then, later in the week, we were walking to the beach to go beach contacting and this guy stops us after we say hi to him and he asks where we are from because people around there don't usually just say hi to random people. So we introduced ourselves and he told us about how he works at the Catholic church down the street and he was just talking to Father Aurelius about missionaries! So, he told us we would give us his card to give to Father Aurelius if we would go to Mass the next morning so we could meet him and talk about missionary work. Of course we take up this opportunity, so he then proceeds to give us a white t-shirt that says "The Tomato" on it and he told us that was his card... So, we went to Mass and went on a hunt for Father Aurelius and eventually met 4 Fathers in the process, and got George's, “The Tomato” shirt back to Father Aurelius only by leaving our card with the shirt on his desk. So sadly, nothing came of it but a fun story and adventure. It was also great because we learned a lot about what Catholics believe and do during their worshiping. It was definitely a beneficial, unexpected experience.
This looks like a tropical location!
(She's in Maine...right?!)

It was a great but definitely strange week, and I'm excited to start this new transfer off and find those who want to hear about the gospel.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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