Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Listening to the Spirit

After they finally completed
Sis. Monjar's iPad training!
This week we had an extremely normal week. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, we had some great experiences from simply listening to the Spirit and doing what we felt we should at that moment we were in.

My favorite experience of this week happened when we felt like we should go to homes near the beach and contact. After trying to tract a street near the beach we found most people weren't home, so before we went home we felt we should actually go to the beach and contact a bit. So we parked our car and started walking. We originally wanted to go straight onto the sand part of the beach, but while we were walking we felt we should talk to a lady on a bench nearby. We went over and asked her how her day has been and she said "it's been great" to which Sister Monjar asked why it was great. Then she told us she just found out a couple of days ago that she was in remission from cancer! It was just an amazing experience to be able to talk to someone that was on vacation celebrating her remission.

Planting Gospel Seeds
at the Beach
We also got to see someone we are working with who we love dearly. Sadly, her dog passed away recently. It was really hard to hear that because even though I'm not usually a big fan of dogs, I really loved that little guy. We were able to talk with her and cheer up her spirit a bit. We didn't do anything major, but it was really nice to be with her and comfort one another in knowing the Plan of Salvation can comfort us in knowing we will see all those we love again some day.

I'm so grateful for the simple, special experiences we have with the Spirit each week in helping us know where to go and what to say during each moment of the day.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

The Slurpee Pics continue...

Sis.Tyler took this pic
of Sis. Monjar at the Beach

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