Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trying to Obey the Spirit

**Sister Tyler shared some great videos with us this week, but no pictures! —Luckily I found some of her in photos from the Mission's facebook page! Some of these are from the last few months.

It has been interesting to have another week where we have had to really listen to the Spirit as we go out and work.

Her District visited
Cape Neddick Maine last week.
While trying to be obedient to the Spirit this week we were driving to the church on our way to coordination meeting when we noticed a guy walking up the street near our church. I couldn't help but do a double take when I saw him because I could have sworn that I knew him. When we got to the church Sister Monjar suggested we go talk to him. I was nervous but agreed and we walked over to the street where we last saw him. While we were walking I said a prayer in my heart that if we were supposed to talk to him that he would be close enough where we could catch up to him or that God would provide a way. Just as I finished that prayer we turned the corner and there he was, sitting on the stone wall just down the street! It was so cool to have such an immediate answer to prayers. So, we went over to talk to him and while getting to know him we found out he was studying to be a minister and has always been interested in Christ and his teachings. We found he had heard of the Book of Mormon from an old Mormon friend he had and asked if we had a copy of it. We did and we gladly handed it to him with our phone number in it, expressing to him our testimonies of how God loves us and speaks to his children today. We are continuing to pray for him that he may reach out to us or missionaries in the future as he reads from the Book of Mormon.
Working with one of the mission's
Family History Specialists
at that summer festival.

A little later in the week, I was reading in PMG [Preach My Gospel] chapter 9 where it talks about Finding People to Teach and focusing on the section that talks about family history work in my personal study because I hadn't studied it in a while. Later that day we were tracting and we invited someone to learn about their family history. She was a bit confused and asked us why we were talking about genealogy when we were clearly there to talk about religion. Because I had studied that section earlier, in addition to studying the Restoration lesson in PMG (which talks about how the Gospel blesses families), I was able to explain to her why we talk about family history work and how we believe that the family and Jesus Christ is central to everything we teach. Although she wasn't interested at that time, I feel we were able to still leave a lasting impression with her.

I am so grateful to the little experiences we have to strengthen our testimonies that the Holy Spirit speaks to all of us in different ways. I know that God prepares each of us to accomplish all the things He may need us for. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to either continue to feel the Spirit uplift them in their lives, or that they may begin to recognize the role that the Spirit can play in their lives.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

l-r: Sister Upton (3rd companion),
Sister Tyler, Sister Boyce (MTC district)
and Sister Olsen (11th companion)
l-r: Sisters Danner, Harman, Tyler, Olsen, Halling
l-r: President and Sister Stoker,
Sisters Blume, Kimball, Olsen and Tyler

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