Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exchange in Derry

I don't think I realized how many exchanges I was signing up for when I accepted the role of being a Sister Training Leader! haha This week I left my new area for the first time for an exchange. I got to spend Wednesday and Thursday with Sister Allen in Derry, New Hampshire while Sister Evans came to Sanford, Maine to be with Sister Spangler.

Sister Tyler and Sister Spangler
While I was in Derry we got to do a ton of stuff and see a lot of people from old areas! Our ride back from district meeting was actually someone I knew in Bedford. She had recently moved into the Derry Ward these past few weeks and the sisters got a ride to/from district meeting with her. So it was fun to start exchange with someone I knew. Then, we got to visit some people and tract a bit before going to a Book of Mormon class at the church taught by Elder and Sister Holm from the mission office! I was so excited to see them again and to have some of Sister Holm's amazing chocolate chip cookies :). It was such a treat to be with them for that short hour and to feel so close to my old area (Derry is actually bordering Manchester, and the Manchester airport is in the Derry Ward's boundaries! So I even found my old church and street on the Derry sisters' map in their apartment).

The next day we met with a recently returned sister missionary in the Derry Ward who served in California. She was going with us to an appointment with an investigator, but the appointment fell. So, she was a great sport and went tracting with us for a bit. It was really fun to get to know her and ask her questions about her mission.

We saw a beautiful sunset while driving
home from the Book of Mormon class.
After dropping off Jenica, the recently returned missionary, we headed over to a nonmember's house who the ward mission leader of the Derry Ward referred us to to help her move in. We got there and she had gotten us pizza for lunch and we had a great time getting to know her. During the few short hours we were there, we didn't talk about church once, but we were able to talk about a lot of standards without being pushy or imposing. By the time we were done helping her unpack her child's room, she was sad to hear that we had to get going. It was definitely a great experience for me because it reminded me that we really should serve everyone that we meet, even if they aren't interested in learning about the church at this time. I know we planted some seeds with her that day, and that if she ever needs help again she has member friends and she knows the missionaries. I know that service can truly have a great impact even if we don't realize it.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

We found a gopher like creature
walking near the Derry sisters' house
when we pulled into the driveway!
At first we thought it was a fisher-cat,
but the members they live with confirmed it wasn't
(which is good, because they're aggressive animals! :P :) )

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