Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Here's a pic from a member
during Sister Tyler's time
in Vermont last summer.
This week was the week! We finally got iPads! It is so amazing to have this technology here to help this work. We haven't been able to use it much (mostly because we are just figuring it out as we go and it definitely takes a while to figure out) but it has been such a great opportunity to figure it out as I study with it and simply tinker with it.

So, we received them at a mission-wide meeting on Wednesday, and then we had a dinner with some members on Thursday. We were excited because this was a great family who are always willing to help us with anything, they were even willing to let us practice teaching them with our pamphlets on our iPads! I was so nervous to do it, but it went fairly well. We are still very rusty because it has been a year since we've used technology like this, but it is coming back to me and it is so fun.

Another fun thing about this week is that I got to go on exchange with Sister Danner! Monday night we had exchanges with the Georgetown sisters so I spent a day with Sister Danner to see how she and her area are doing. It was so fun to see her again and to be her companion in a new area that she knows so well. Since we first met in the MTC a year ago (and served together for a couple of transfers in Bedford), I have seen her grow so much—and that helps me remember that if she has changed this much, maybe I have too. I am so grateful to have been with her for that short but great time.

Life is good in New England, and summer is finally here.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

[Not many pics this week...but she said she has some great ones in her camera from District P-day last week that she'll share next week] However...

Some wonderful members let
the missionaries email from their home
yesterday and Oscar the cat
visited Sister Tyler. :)

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