Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Travel, tracting, and more fun

Sister Spangler and Sister Tyler
This week has been a crazy busy one with tons of places we needed to get to and people we needed to see.

It started on Tuesday when we had to bring our car into the shop because our key's remote wouldn't work and we had to do it manually if we wanted it locked (the church asks us to keep these cars as close to perfect as possible, so we do our best to fix all the minor things as well as the major things). Luckily, they were able to fix it, but we would have to come back in on Friday because they had to order a part. And the place we went to was in New Hampshire because it was the closest place we could find for our car. So, it was about an hour long drive to and from, but it gave Sister Spangler and I some time to just drive and talk, which was nice :). We also had lunch with Brother Westwood on Tuesday while our car was getting fixed. He is the high councilman over missionary work, and he likes to take the Sister Training Leaders and the Zone Leaders out to lunch once a transfer so we can get some work done. It was fun and I really enjoyed being able to work with him for my first time.

Sisters Bee, Payne, Tyler, Spangler
Another fun part of this week was getting to complete some of the iPad training stuff. I had no idea that so much training came with getting iPads. We had to do an online workshop type of thing for an hour and a half to make sure we understood simply when the right time was to use them and how to use safeguards so we don't misuse them. It was really helpful and I learned a lot from it, but they are definitely making us work for the iPads because that was only step 1 in a three step online training process...and the next step looks twice as long as the first! haha But, I am seriously so grateful for iPads, because they've helped us so much in missionary work already. I know that this is all so inspired, and by having these tools, the New England area will progress even faster in the work.

I just have to say I love the work, I love this area, and I love my companion Sister Spangler. I wish we had longer together but she is getting transferred tomorrow and I get to go back to Manchester to pick up my new companion. I know whoever it is she will be wonderful.

Keep your faith bright!

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Our district (including Zone Leaders):
Elders Widerburg, Nelson, Dortch,
King, Griffin, Walker,
Sisters Payne, Bee, Spangler, Tyler

(Katy and her great cartwheels!)

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