Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MLT and iPads

Sister Olsen and me at MLT --
also including Elder King
(our District Leader)
I cannot believe it is week 3. I feel like Sister Olsen just got here, but at the same time I feel like she has been here for a transfer already. Missionary time is just weird haha. But it has been absolutely wonderful to be serving with Sister Olsen, she helps keep things fun and moving. It has been hard this past week because we haven't been able to get much sleep due to meetings, but I know that the Lord can make anything He needs done possible.

On Tuesday we had MLT (Missionary Leadership Training, which replaces Missionary Leadership Council twice a year and involves the District Leaders instead of just the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders). It was so fun to go to and see so many missionaries we know. But, my favorite part was being able to discuss what the mission most needed at this time. We started discussing on ITLs, they became a standard for us about a year ago, just a little after I came into the mission, but now the assistants felt we might be ready as a mission for something new. So, they introduced RAs (return appointments). So, instead of counting simply how many people we invite to learn, they are really emphasizing quality invitations to help us improve on new investigators, rather than just asking a question to get a number. I feel like this is so great because it is just one step closer to getting our mission to progress even more. I imagine RAs to be the next step, after ITLs, toward New Investigators. I am very excited to continue implementing this into my work.

We got a window air conditioner
in our apartment. However, there is
empty space where it doesn't fit exactly
into our window....so plenty of bugs
found their way into our apartment...
Then, we also talked about iPad policies and what this mission needed to help stay focused and best use this new tool we've been given. We didn't make any huge changes, but we did make it so that we can check our email throughout the week (but only respond on pday, which is similar to the letters/mail system we have) and only using the iPads for studying and researching rather than teaching with them. This was a bit confusing for everyone at first because we felt that teaching with the iPads was the original purpose of them. But, as we continued to think about it and discuss it, we found that not using the iPads for teaching (unless we are showing a video or a talk) can help us to remember to rely on the Spirit and continue to further our understanding of the paper scriptures, which is what the President wants us to rely on most. I am so grateful we have the new tool of using technology, but I am even more grateful we aren't letting it take over our mission.

After MLT, I got to go on our first exchange this transfer with Sister Daughety and Sister Allen (while Sister Olsen went to Methuen, MA with Sister Halling). It was so fun to be with both of the sisters again (since Sister Daughety was one of my companions in Bedford and I went on exchange with Sister Allen last transfer). We had fun going to district meeting together and working a bit while doing our best to evaluate where they were at in their missions and how we can all improve. It was truly an uplifting and edifying experience.

So logically I put shoes on my hands
and starting to take care of the problem right
before we went to bed haha :)

One last miracle I'd like to share this week is that we got to see a former investigator (who I met early last transfer) and she is now a current investigator! Her name is Becky and she is so sweet. I am really excited to teach her especially since she has such a desire to connect with Christ and learn all that she can. We will do our best to be the missionaries that she needs and the servants that the Lord needs us to be.

This is such a great work!

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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