Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Transfers and Cows

Sister Tyler and Sister Olsen
I have another new companion this week! Her name is Sister Olsen and she is absolutely amazing :). She and I have just been having a blast because we both love to analyze and observe things, which can be fun because it means we understand each other really well and we get each other's thought processes (basically, "we finish each other's sandwiches" but we don't betray each other in the end ;) haha).

We have been having some fun adventures this week as we do what we can to get to know the area better and work together in finding those who are seeking His gospel. So, we decided to tract a few streets and each night we are supposed to report to our District Leader how many ITLs (invitations to learn) that we get each day.

So, we did that, but we decided to follow what it says in Mark 16:15 and start inviting every creature we come across. So instead of just reporting 7 ITLs at night, we report: "7 human ITLs, 4 cow ITLs, 4 goat ITLs, 3 dog ITLs, 13 cat ITLs" (which was actually what we reported to them last night!) haha

I think I really like how it makes tracting more fun because it can be hard to hear a bunch of "no"s--but if you invite a cow to learn, they just kinda look at you and you laugh :). I've seriously had so much fun with it because we are in such a boonie area that it is common to come across cows and goats :P :).

New England is always a fun adventure, and I am so grateful to be serving here! This is truly the mission I am meant to be in.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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