Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Peeling Apples and Surprise Snow

Sister Tyler and Sister Peterson
Sometimes I wonder how the weeks go by so quickly. This has truly been the fastest transfer of my mission and I cannot believe I have less than a month left before I go home now.

While we were going through our days this past week, we had the opportunity to do some service for the local senior center. They are preparing for a fundraiser where they are selling pie slices during
the holidays, and they needed help peeling a huge amount of apples for the apple pies. So we got to peel a ton of apples (we never kept count sadly, but we should have!) with a sweet older woman who we got to talk about family history with. We told her about how we have helped a couple of people find some relatives for their family tree and she was impressed. She said she hadn't done much but if she ever started getting into it she'd ask us! It was just a little thing, but it helped us build a relationship with her. And while we were peeling apples for a couple of hours we had a ton of people thanking us for helping. It was a great way to get to know some people in the community.

We have really just done a lot of service this week because we also got to stack some wood for a woman who knows a member of our church. Her husband isn't in a position where he could help stack wood anymore, so we helped her out this year. We got two whole chords done and it was fun to get to know her.

Besides the service, we just got a surprise snow storm Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Luckily we got to church on time and safely and we learned that when the highway gets covered in black ice, everyone drives with their hazards on to warn the people driving behind them. It was cool to see everyone just moving through the surprise ice/snow storm like it was no big deal haha.

I love New England and I hope to have more opportunities to serve others this week.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

Vermont Autumn
Vermont Autumn snow

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