Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I am 16 going on 17 companions....wait what?

Surprise new/final companion for a week!
Sister Tyler and Sister Harper

Yep, I decided 16 companions wasn't enough for one mission, so this past Saturday I got Sister Harper as my companion for the last week of my mission. President Stoker gave Sister Petersen and me a call on Thursday night this past week informing us that he needed Sister Petersen to fulfill a special calling this upcoming transfer that would take her away from the Montpelier area. Since I am also going home this transfer, he wanted to avoid shotgunning us out (taking both missionaries in an area out at the same time), so he asked if Sister Petersen would be willing to be transferred to a new area before receiving her new assignment so that Sister Harper could come here and learn the area to best help transition things. What a shock all of this was to us, but we both accepted everything and now I am here updating Sister Harper on  everything that happens in our area.

Christmas Lights
at the Joseph Smith Memorial
Besides the new companion, I had a fairly calm week. I got to go on exchange with Sister Lescarbeau in Lyndon, which was really fun. And I got to go to a big zone conference with about half of our mission in attendance. We had Elder Nielson (the head of the Missionary Department of the church) come to speak at our mission. It was so amazing to receive all the guidance and counsel him and his wife offered to us. One of the main things that stood out to me during all of it was how much I need to continually rely on the Lord. Not just in turning things in my life over to him, but asking God for help with everything I experience. I realized that I can do all things with God's help, but I can't receive His strength completely until I ask Him to help me. I had my testimony of a loving Father in Heaven confirmed again and again this past week as I saw Him guiding me to know what I needed to do to best feel like I was doing what I needed to do in my life right now. I'm so grateful for that.

I look forward to making this week and amazing week. My mission isn't over yet. So I plan on loving every minute I have.

Sister Tyler
A nice member texted us this pic last week
—we are SO grateful for these kind acts! 

*just sayin'…. =D

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