Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Final Week

Visiting the Burlington District
I cannot believe I just lived the last week of my mission. Time flew by throughout each transfer but wow that went fast! Sister Harper and I only had so much time together, so we decided to work hard and make the best of it.

On Monday we just took time to organize things together so that we could have an efficient and productive week. Then Tuesday we contacted every person we are currently teaching so that Sister Harper could get to know them and who they are. After she began getting the hang of things we started finding people, both members and non-members who may be interested in being taught the lessons.

A funny mission story from this week: One time when we were contacting someone in North Montpelier, we walked into the front porch to knock on their door and as soon as we stepped in we saw a million huge spiders spread out throughout a spider web that engulfed the entire porch leaving only enough room for a person as tall as us to walk to the door. I didn't dare look up to see what was above my head. But we still stayed long enough to knock on the door twice just in case someone needed the gospel. (And as soon as we left I checked my hair to make sure no spiders decided to fall on me.)

Saying goodbye to Sister Tetreault
(Sister Tyler describes her as “amazing”)

Another funny story: A couple of days later we were going to have lunch with some members in Waterbury and we put their address on my GPS and set it on shortest distance because Waterbury is kind of far out there. As we followed the roads it wanted us to take though, we quickly realized we were on a road that is probably only used during the summer by big trucks and four-wheelers. We kept moving forward hoping it would open back up, but the trees got closer to our car, the mud puddles got bigger, and the rocks got taller and more frequent. We decided it would be best to turn around and just go on the highway. So I helped guide Sister Harper (who was driving that day) backwards about a quarter of a mile until we found a spot big enough to do a seventeen point turn around to be able to drive out of the middle of no where. It was quite the adventure, and the members just laughed when we called to tell them why we would be late for lunch haha.

Overall, I feel content with how my mission has gone. I know I worked my hardest and I have no regrets for anything I did or didn't do. I know that God has blessed me each day in my efforts. And now I get to start a whole new journey. I'm excited for all the future has to offer.

Sincerely, Sister Tyler 

**There's a curious mission tradition here: When a missionary is completing their mission, they are classified as “dying.” They'll pose in a scene for a picture acting out how they “die.” For Sister Tyler they did a time-lapse video where her district members wrote the names of all her companions on the white board. But her last companion (Sis. Harper) apparently is the one who “finished her off.” ;) [here's a few screen shots] =D =D

{The “end” of Sister Tyler}

{The “end” for Elder Bagley}

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