Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Service! Service!

This week has been a really random and different week compared to last week. I was so excited to go to Zone Conference and feel uplifted after finishing the Book of Mormon and praying to confirm it's truth again. It really is amazing to me that the Lord will always confirm it's truthfulness to us, no matter how many times we ask. I'm so grateful we can do that.

And then getting to watch Meet the Mormons was such a treat I can't even begin to express how happy it made me! I loved how uplifting and inspiring the movie was to me and I look forward to continuing in the work and helping people understand who we are and what we believe.

Then, later on in the week we got to do some last-minute service for an investigator that moved here from Salt Lake City, Utah! It was really cool to get a text from the elders that morning telling us about this guy that needs some help moving in and how he has been investigating the church for a bit and his wife is now getting interested! We quickly got over there and helped him move with the elders and our bishop. It took us a few hours, and his apartment was very full when we left. But, he was so grateful and we really connected well with them. So, we are hoping to get to know them more soon and maybe even teach them.

Getting to help him with the move and then getting to an extra day of service at the horse therapy center was so fun. It is actually really cool that we got to do two days of service with the horses because the second day, Sister Upton decided to buy these custom necklaces that they sell there. They are really special because they are made with a hair from your favorite horse! They look so cool and I'll probably invest in one next week :).

So, I love service and can't wait to continue doing as much as I can this next week. :)

Love, Sister Tyler
We received a wonderful picture of Sister Tyler and her companion 
as they shared a message with a family in the ward. :) Thank you!!

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