Friday, October 17, 2014

Tracting to Street Contacting

[Mom Shelli here: Due to the Columbus Day holiday last Monday (and the public libraries being closed), Katy had to send us a LETTER with her blog post. We finally got it today—oh, we're so spoiled to be able to email...] :)

This week was definitely a regular missionary week when it came to our plans. But, the miracles we see are unique to each day.

Earlier in the week we got to do a lot of street contacting. We had originally planned out our day to be all tracting & contacting less-active members we don't know or potential investigators. But, once we were outside walking we felt prompted to go against our original plan and street contact in a different part of our area. So, we started walking that way and we ran into 2-3 people that were so nice and interested in understanding what it is we were doing and sharing. No one has continued investigating from those interactions, but I know that if we keep following those promptings we can be led to find those searching for the truth.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that at District Meeting (when all the missionaries in a few close areas get together to practice teaching and find ways to help their areas and improve themselves) we had President Stoker join us. It was definitely a unique experience because he doesn't usually attend a district meeting anywhere in the mission unless he needed to to talk to a missionary afterwards. But, when our meeting was over, he said he had to run home for lunch. So, it was cool to just have him join us for a couple of hours.

"Comfort food really is comfort food."
"I love meal appointments with members."
One last fun moment of the week was when we had a meal appointment with a family in the ward. When we got there the mom said she totally forgot we were coming for some reason. Luckily she had asked her husband to pick up some pizza on the way home. She asked if that was okay and we said YES!  haha  It was nice to just have some regular pizza and lemonade after a long day. Comfort food really is comfort food. She kept apologizing for forgetting and just giving us pizza, but it was really nice to have that and plenty of time to get to know them and their family. I love meal appointments with members.

It really was a good week full of fun experiences and memories. I look forward to having more adventures this upcoming week. :)

Sincerely, Sister Tyler

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